5325 Pen Avenue

Sanford, FL

​10,000 Sq. Ft.  (Divisible)

$6.00 Sq. Ft. +Cam


Commercial Property Leasing


Warehouse Space

1711 Ranger Ave.

Deland, FL

3300 Sq. Ft.

$6.00 Sq. Ft.


330 Lemon Lane

Casselberry, FL

​8500 Sq. Ft.

$6.25 Sq. Ft.



Warehouse Space

5305 Pen Ave.

Sanford, FL

5000 Sq. Ft. Units 

$5.50 Sq. Ft. + Cam


Professional Real Estate Company is a commercial leasing firm serving property owners in Seminole, Orange, Volusia, and Lake County. PREC feels strongly that a proper leasing program is the "nuts and bolts" of creating a profitable and successful commercial property.  A strategic marketing and leasing procedure for any given property can make the difference in these difficult economic times.  A long history of relationships with both local and national tenants has made a difference in the leasing of our industrial, office and retail properties.  Why not give us the opportunity to find a good fit for your commercial property.

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Professional Real Estate Company, LLC

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Warehouse space for lease

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Warehouse  •  Special Use

5325 Pen Ave. Air Conditioned Warehouse
Warehouse for Lease


5305 Pen Ave., Sanford, FL Pre-Leasing